Version (Release date)  Major changes Min Redis
Min cluster
v2.6 (July 2023) RESP3 support. New commands JSON.MERGE and JSON.MSET. 7.2 7.2.4
v2.4 (November 2022) Low-level API changes in order to support the multi-value indexing and querying support that comes with RediSearch 2.6. RediSearch 2.6 comes with multi-value indexing and querying of attributes for any attribute type (Text, Tag, Numeric, Geo and Vector) defined by a JSONPath leading to an array or to multiple scalar values. 6.0.16 6.2.18
v2.2 (July 2022) Preview of Active-Active support for JSON. 6.0.0 6.2.12
v2.0 (November 2021) Index JSON documents. JSONPath support. Commands operate on multiple paths. 6.0.0 6.0.0
v1.0 (December 2017) Serialization cache for JSON.GET. 4.0.0 5.0.0