RedisJSON v2.6.6 requires:

  • Minimum Redis compatibility version (database): 7.2
  • Minimum Redis Enterprise Software version (cluster): 7.2.4

v2.6.6 (August 2023)

This is a maintenance release for RedisJSON 2.6.

Update urgency: LOW: No need to upgrade unless there are new features you want to use.


This is just a version number alignment with RedisJSON for Redis Enterprise (with Active-Active support).

v2.6 GA (v2.6.4) (July 2023)

This is the General Availability release of RedisJSON 2.6.


RedisJSON 2.6 introduces support for RESP3 and new commands.

What’s new in 2.6

  • Introduce JSON.MERGE in compliance with RFC 7396, supporting:

    • Creating new attributes on an existing JSON document

    • Updating and replacing values in parent and child attributes

    • Deleting existing attributes (by setting the value to null)

    • Array update - replacing an entire array with the new value

  • Introduce JSON.MSET, supporting atomic multiple sets for keys in the same hash slot

  • New FORMAT argument in JSON.ARRPOP and JSON.GET to retrieve the results as JSON strings or RESP3 hierarchical structures (RESP3 only)

  • JSON.RESP is now regarded as deprecated

  • Legacy paths (paths that don’t start with either $. or $[ or equal to $) are now regarded as deprecated

  • The version inside Redis will be 2.6.4 in semantic versioning. Since the version of a module in Redis is numeric, we could not add a GA flag.

  • Minimal Redis version: 7.2